SHP Renew & Review Online - Apr 13-16, 2021

202104 R&R Online for L3 - Apr 13-16, 2021
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SHP® Renew and Review Online - April 13-16, 2021

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Everyone is welcome!

  • Have you wondered what CHM's ministry training is like?
  • Have you completed SHP® Levels 1 and 2 in a venue other than a CHM-hosted live or online school and need to experience our model before taking Level 3 with us?
  • Have you taken any level of School of Healing Prayer®, and it's been a few years? Need more practice?
  • Want to be refreshed by the Holy Spirit? Want to connect with others in the healing ministry?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then CHM's Renew and Review Online is for you.

Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in:

  • CHM's Generational Healing Service
  • A time of ministry to refill and/or receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit
  • A review of CHM's model of ministry, Listen, Love and Pray
  • See a prayer demonstration and practice using CHM's model of ministry

This is a time to RENEW, REVIEW and REFRESH!

Date: April 13-16, 2021

Venue: Online

Cost: $100.00 per person (not for shared use)

CHM Ministry Team

About Event
The online platform consists of ministry video sessions to engage in at your leisure and then Friday, April 16 from 1:00-3:30 pm (EST), join us for a live, interactive video conferencing session and ministry practicum. 

Essentials for this course:
Strong internet service as it is an online event
A device with a microphone and a camera
The Zoom app

A note to our SHP® students: 
Anyone is welcome to register for Renew and Review. If you have already taken our Schools of Healing Prayer® Levels 1-2, then you can also register for SHP® Level 3 Online April 26 - May 8, 2021. However, we do ask that you complete our School of Healing Prayer® Levels 1 and 2 before registering for Level 3. The schools must be taken in order. We find that there is always more to learn and that there is always a deeper level of healing to receive. God is so good!

Registration Information
Online registration closes on Monday, April 12 at 2:00pm (EST).

Please see our Cancellation Policy for more information if you are unable to make the event after registering.

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